Akarsh Vinod with Dio Technologies returns.

Do you remember the multi-room speakers that I discussed with Akarsh back on Episode 400? Well, I ordered a set of three speakers from his Indiegogo campaign and they have arrived. Join me and Akarsh as I tell what I like and don't like about the speakers. 

Akars also shares his entrepreneurial experience from starting his Indiegogo campaign through today. The three stages that he remembers most 

1) Product Design

2) Operations

3) Marketing and Sales

Dio Website: https://dioconnect.com/

*** Use Discount Code "unclemarv" at checkout

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Akarsh VinodProfile Photo

Akarsh Vinod


Akarsh is the founder of Dio, a home audio company aiming to reshape the way we listen to our audio at home and use connected devices. Dio recently launched the Dio Node: the world's simplest, most flexible, and most affordable multi-room speaker on the market - finally making it easy to listen to your audio all over the home, hassle-free. Akarsh is happy to share his insights on how he bootstrapped the company, what it takes to build an IoT consumer hardware device, and his lessons starting a company and building a brand.