July 19, 2022

412 Document How Things Get Done

412 Document How Things Get Done

SweetProcess helps you document procedures, implement policies, manage tasks and more.

Guest Owen McGab Enahwo explains how documenting all those repetitive tasks  can free up your time, reduce errors and re-dos. Getting them out of your head and documented gives your business the systemization it needs to scale and grow. 

Stop doing everything yourself. If you have to do it twice, document it! 

Website: https://www.sweetprocess.com/unclemarv

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sweetprocess/

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Owen McGab Enaohwo Profile Photo

Owen McGab Enaohwo

CEO and Co-Founder

Today’s guest Owen McGab Enaohwo is the CEO and Co-founder
of SweetProcess, an easy-to-use software that enables company
executives and their employees to collaborate together to quickly
document and/or improve their standard operating procedures,
processes, and policies.