March 9, 2022

391: Shanna Utgard, First!

391: Shanna Utgard, First!

She's an award winning cybersecurity trainer and a CRN "Women of the Channel."
But her newest, and best accolade is to be the very FIRST in-studio guest of this podcast.

Shanna Utgard is a Success manger at Defendify. Defendify  is  an easy-to-use, all-in-one platform  that makes managing cybersecurity simple. It streamlines cybersecurity assessments, testing, policies and training in one consolidated and cost effective solution. 

You'll want to hear the answer to my question at the 30:12 mark... "what is the biggest thing lacking among MSPs?"

If you want to hear more about Defendify, check out Episode 381: $2 Million Cyber Security Education.

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Shanna Utgard Profile Photo

Shanna Utgard

Senior Cybersecurity Advocate

Shanna Utgard is the Senior Cybersecurity Advocate at Defendify, the all-in-one cybersecurity platform that makes cybersecurity possible for ALL businesses. Shanna is an award winning channel manager and a frequent speaker on how organizations can develop a comprehensive program that is simple, affordable, and works around-the-clock on multiple levels. Email her at