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Renée Catanzaro

President and Co-Founder

Renée Catanzaro is the President and Co-Founder of Renée Vincent Executive Placement,
a boutique retained search firm specializing in C-Level executive placements for mid-cap organizations. While the firm in located in the Greater Atlanta area, she is a sought out trusted advisor and mentor to executive thought leaders throughout the United States. In addition to her other clients, she also provides ongoing Human Capital Advisory services to AIM Capital Group, a Private Equity firm in South Florida.

Ms. Catanzaro began her career over thirty years ago in the Financial Services industry supporting the C-Suite through mergers & acquisitions and developed a deep concentration in mortgage lending of both residential and commercial properties. As her career developed, she went from the retail arena into the wholesale environment where she quickly became a top national leader for the likes of Countrywide, Chase Manhattan, and Bank of America, receiving many honors, awards, and acknowledgments.

She is a Certified Partner and a Talent Optimization Leader through the Predictive Index and has been trained in Performance Based Hiring as well. Ms. Catanzaro also completed courses from the American Institute of Banking for Construction Lending and Underwriting of Income Properties.

Ms. Catanzaro has participated in various board service roles, including the City of Milton, GA where she resides and was a founding member and Vice-Chair of the Milton Disability Awareness Committee whose mission is to promote inclusion of persons of all abilities in every aspect of community life. FOCUS, a non-profit organization that offers emotional, information & Physical support to families of children with lifelong disabilities. The Kool Kidz Foundation, a not-for-profit organization promoting opportunities for exceptional programs of inclusion for all children to learn and play together in an inclusive and challenging environment.

Renée has been married almost 29 years to her husband Vincent. They have six children together, including five daughters and one son. She enjoys travel, gardening, entertaining and, her horse, StarBuck.

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