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Liz Pifko

Business & IP Attorney

Liz is a multi-award-winning business and IP attorney and the owner of Corvinus Law, a boutique virtual law firm focused on helping small businesses in the areas of intellectual property (trademarks and copyright) and a wide range of corporate matters (contract drafting and negotiation, business formation, advertising and Internet law).

She is also the owner of Renegade Legal, an online shop offering industry-specific contract, letter and other document templates that help business owners – including MSPs – reduce client disputes, increase profitability, and protect themselves from legal liability.

With well over a decade of experience, she is a frequent speaker at summits, conferences, podcasts and private corporate events on the topics of risk management, MSAs, and best practices for MSPs to manage client expectations, control scope, get paid, and limit legal liability in today’s often unpredictable and increasingly hostile cybersecurity landscape.

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