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Franklin Taggart

Content Creator/Coach/Author/Podcaster

Franklin Taggart has owned some kind of business since 1986, mostly in the music, publishing, and production world. When an illness from 2006-2010 sidelined his music and production career, Franklin discovered two exciting new worlds - e-commerce and coaching. He's been creating and selling products online and showing other people how to find their own creative paths ever since.

He's the creator of several online courses and workshops, mostly on topics like marketing and messaging. In February 2023, he followed his curiosity about ChatGPT and made a book called Straight from the Bot's Mouth: A Conversation with ChatGPT About Artificial Intelligence. He divides his time between a small number of coaching clients and video, course, and podcast production.

He lives in Loveland, Colorado with his wife, teenage son, and Yorkie.

495 A Conversation with ChatGPT

495 A Conversation with ChatGPT

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