Podnutz Pro #361: Conferences: Should you stay (home) or should you go?

Sept. 16, 2021

Guest: Mike Smith: https://mikenation.net Mike and I talk about past conferences; what we loved and what we didn't; and how we will approach both in-person and virtual conferences the rest of this year and next.

Guest: Mike Smith

Podnutz Pro #360: Cable Guy Stories

Sept. 9, 2021

Guests Nathan Drager and Terry Moon join me to discuss the cabling part of their businesses.  Learn what tools they use and how much a bucket truck costs.

Podnutz Pro #359: 2021 Summer Tech Series Awards Show

Sept. 2, 2021

Live show announcing the winners of the giveaway contest for the Summer Tech Series. Guests: Dawn Sizer and Robin Livesay

Podnutz Pro #358: Marketing After The Sale

Aug. 26, 2021

Guest Ramey Bell, Tech Marketing Engine You've closed that big new deal. Think you're done? Not so fast! Don't ignore your existing customers. Someone else is marketing to them. You should too.

Guest: Ramey Bell

Podnutz Pro #357: Employees: Tips to Hire, Fire, and Retire

Aug. 19, 2021

Back 2 Basics with Suzanne Harris. As Vice President of Human Resources at NexusTek, Suzanne is responsible for the strategic planning and implementation of all human resources programs and initiatives.

Podnutz Pro #356: STS Giveaway Announcement

Aug. 18, 2021

Summer Tech Series Giveaway: https://www.podnutzpro.com/sts This show is a special show highlighting the Summer Tech Series Giveaway. Winners will be picked on September 1 at 8 PM ET on the live podcast.

Podnutz Pro #355: B2B with Dave Sobel

Aug. 12, 2021

Our “Back to Basics” series continues with Dave Sobel from MSP Radio. Dave is the host of host of The Business of Tech and co-Host of the Killing IT podcasts.

Podnutz Pro #354: B2B with Karl Palachuk

Aug. 5, 2021

Our “Back to Basics” series starts off with Karl Palachuk. Karl is a public speaker and an author, widely recognized as one of the pioneers of managed services.

Podnutz Pro #353: STS Tom and Jason (Part 2)

Aug. 1, 2021

Summer Tech Series with Tom Bull and Jason Miller (Part 2)

Podnutz Pro #352: STS with Tom and Jason

July 30, 2021

Summer Tech Series with Tom Bull and Jason Miller.

Podnutz Pro #351: STS with Diana Giles

July 22, 2021

Guest: Diana Giles with Skyline IT Management (https://skylineitmgmt.com/) The Power of NO. Diana shares some of her wisdom from growing her business.

Podnutz Pro #350: STS with Matt Rainey

July 15, 2021

Guest: Matt Rainey joins me for another Summer Tech Series. Tonight's topics: Office Space, Keeping Employees Happy, and No Marketing Matt.

Podnutz Pro #349: STS with Chad Kempt

July 8, 2021

Guest: Chad Kempt, Fast Computers (https://www.fastcomputers.ca/) Chad founded Fast Computers way back in 1998. He joins me for another Summer Tech Series. Hear what it really takes to go from break-fix to managed services.

Podnutz Pro #348: Alan Weinberger, The Doctor’s In

July 1, 2021

Guest: Alan Weinberger, Founder, CEO and Chairman of The ASCII Group The Doctor's In: Treating America's Greatest Cyber Security Threat

Podnutz Pro #347: STS with Jim Collison

June 24, 2021

Guest: Jim Collison (The Average Guy TV) joins me for the another episode of our Summer Tech Series.

Podnutz Pro #346: STS with Dawn Sizer

June 17, 2021

Guest: Dawn Sizer, CEO of 3rd Element Consulting joins me for the another episode of our Summer Tech Series. Dawn takes us on a stroll down the evolution of MSP tools used at her company over the years.

Podnutz Pro #345: STS – Kyle Kenyon

June 10, 2021

Guest: Kyle Kenyon, your Pro Tech Guy joins me for the another episode in the Summer Tech Series. Be sure to check out the links below for parts to build your own Raspberry Pi.

Podnutz Pro #344: STS – Ben Filippelli

June 4, 2021

Guest:Ben Filippelli with Level 5 Management joins me for the first episode in the Summer Tech Series. Ben shares the history of his company and some of the successes that have allowed his business to grow.

Podnutz Pro #343: My VoIP Journey with Pulsar 360

May 27, 2021

Guests: Paul Mendiola, Robert Harrison and Juan Pena from Pulsar360 I started out hating VoIP, but I'm trying to embrace it. From Freedom Voice to Intermedia and now Pulsar 360, I'm trying to find the right VoIP partner fo…

Podnutz Pro #342: Ransomware Best Practices for 2021?

May 20, 2021

Guest: Peter Ayedun and Brandon Martens from TruGrid (https://www.trugrid.com) The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have issued an alert urging people to f…

Podnutz Pro #341: Datto Networking, WiFi 6 and More…

May 13, 2021

Guest: Ryan Grindrod, Datto Product Specialist Wi-Fi 6 is the fastest protocol of wireless tech, increasing the top theoretical speed over Wi-Fi 5 by almost 250%. Wi-Fi 5 had a maximum throughput of 3.5 Gbps.

Podnutz Pro #340: Office 365, Ugh (with Lisa Hendrickson)

May 6, 2021

Guest: Lisa Hendrickson, Call that Girl

Podnutz Pro #339: Live with Matt Forman and Ron Cervantes

April 29, 2021

Guests: Matt Forman (The Local Circuit) and Ron Cervantes (C Solutions Inc.) Junior doesn't know where his DHCP server is. Synology is my new backup option. TechData is now shipping truck rims instead of battery backups?

Podnutz Pro #338: Protect Your Money, with Rayanne Buchianico

April 24, 2021

Guest: Rayanne Buchianico. Rayanne helps explain some of the tax changes you should know before filing this year. Rayanne owns and operates ABC Solutions, LLC in Clearwater, Florida.