Ann Westerheim is the founder and president of Ekaru, an IT services firm in the greater Boston area.

Ann and I met as panelists for the topic "How to sell cybersecurity to small and medium sized companies."

We also share a love for ripping the edges off the paper used in dot matrix printers. 

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Ann Westerheim


Ann Westerheim, PhD is the Founder and President of Ekaru, a Technology Service Provider of cybersecurity and IT services for small and medium businesses in the greater Boston area. Ann is an accomplished technology innovator and leader with three engineering degrees from MIT. She has twenty years of high tech experience in research, advanced development, product development, and as an entrepreneur. Her career has spanned a vast range of technology endeavors including research in thin film semiconductors and superconductors, microprocessor fabrication, development of early Internet medical applications, and now focusing on the application of technology in business. She has an avid focus on the "last mile" of technology and decreasing the digital divide.