400: Side Hustle Entrepreneurship - Akarsh Vinod

April 29, 2022

400: Side Hustle Entrepreneurship - Akarsh Vinod

400: Side Hustle Entrepreneurship - Akarsh Vinod

Akarsh Vinod started a wireless speaker company with a mission to make listening easy.

Akarsh shares his journey that was inspired in 2017 and has finally resulted in his speakers being produced and ready for shipment this year.  A major difference in bringing a consumer hardware item to market is the amount of work that goes into creating the concept, coming up with a prototype, and approaching the big boy manufacturers to help produce it. 

Some of Akarsh's tips to  getting started include:  

  • Learning to de-risk
  • You don't have to commit all-in to scale
  • Learn the language and know the space
  • Earn trust

Want to contact Akarsh? Email him at akarsh@dioconnect.com.

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Akarsh VinodProfile Photo

Akarsh Vinod


Akarsh is the founder of Dio, a home audio company aiming to reshape the way we listen to our audio at home and use connected devices. Dio recently launched the Dio Node: the world's simplest, most flexible, and most affordable multi-room speaker on the market - finally making it easy to listen to your audio all over the home, hassle-free. Akarsh is happy to share his insights on how he bootstrapped the company, what it takes to build an IoT consumer hardware device, and his lessons starting a company and building a brand.