It's already been a week! From Comcast to N-Able, I think they've taken the rest of my hair.
Diana Giles from Skyline IT Management joins me.

=== Notes from the show

IT Glue: IT documentation 

N-Able: My RMM program. Other products include EDR, DNS Filtering, Passportal and more. 

Solutions Granted: I use them for firewall monitoring. They also offer SOC as a service and other services. 

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WizTree: The fastest disk space analyzer that I have found. Faster than TreeSize!

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Diana Giles


Diana Giles is the President and owner of Skyline IT Management, originally established as The Computer Monkey, LLC in 2004. She truly enjoys helping small businesses improve and secure their operations through the proper use of modern technology. Early on, Diana realized she enjoyed being the go-to tech person in the office more than her regular job, so she left to pursue an entry-level tech support position with Teleflora. She eventually traveled to some of the largest florists in the country doing installation and training. Requests for technology services continued after Diana left work to stay home with her kids, so The Computer Monkey began. Diana has a bachelor’s degree in business and master’s degree in Telecommunications Management from Oklahoma State University. She is also the founder of, a free resource website to help parents protect their children online.