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Practical and informative!

Marvin’s podcast provides a variety of practical tips, use-cases and stories, vendor information, IT owner interviews in a lighthearted, casual format.


Thank you, Marv, for your fantastic podcast!

Thanks for another great show.

A man with a great show deserves (at least) a decent cup of cofee.

Very valuable

Great podcast, except the so-called marketers from England who don’t know what they’re doing. 😉

Let me rephrase that ...

Awesome podcast but missing the Benjamin Franklin quotes ;-)

Love It

Look forward to this podcast with the Man in the Van every time it is on.

best podcast

Best podcast ive came across so far, Matt is a hero and lalo is a beast. Steve is admirable for his desire to bring all these resources together to further others abilities skills and knowledge. The guys a very entertaining to people working in the field. Alot of tech humor. Great for employees like me who have long commutes and spend half the working day on the road.

Awesome Show!

I really look forward to this show. Lalo and Matt have great chemistry and the show flows really well. I wish they had time to release more episodes but both guys have full-time jobs. Keep up the great work Lalo and Matt!

Good stuff

Love the show

Need more

I wait every week to listen to the show while I'm at work. Please, less breaks and more show. Maybe a longer show time.

Great show!

Hosts are entertaining and content is great everyweek. Any IT professional could learn a lot from this show!

Great Show

You guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!

Great show

Lalo and Matt you guys are great. I am listening to all the shows from the beginning and just a few shows I have learn a lot. I am doing a job for my first small business and I implementing many I the things I have learn on the show. Thank you for the good info.

Luv it

Great information even for the casual geek maintaining an strong home network. Helps to put network structures in perspective.

Great show!

Matt and Lalo provide a wealth of information in all areas of small business network support. From routers to servers to clients and everything in between, these guys cover it all. Great stories from over 17 years of working in the field too!

Listening to Podnutz Pro = Best Pratice

This is a great podcast for people that are interested in the small business IT field. They explain real world scenarios that provide valuble information in an entertaining way. I've listened to quite a few episodes and not one is boring or uninformative. Thanks Matt, Lalo, & Steve!

Great Show!!!

Great Show! These guys know what there talking about. Just wish they would do more planned out themes for each show like they did when the show first started.

Wealth of real-world information!

I downloaded all the episodes, listened to all of them, and always learned something new whether it's about products or procedures. I'm very thankful for the advice provided in this podcast! Best of all, it's all real-world experiences spoken in a candid, professional and entertaining manner. Keep this podcast going!!

Thank you Guys!!

In a word Awesome! Can't say enough!! Your series is for me, a newbie wanting to get out of residential and into something new and you are making it happen!! Pulling back the curtain. Keep it up - just loving it, you are appreciated fellas,....


After working in large IT departments for 15+ years it is great to hear how the real world deals with IT issues.

Best Computer Show in iTunes

I absolutely love podnutz pro. It is the best business IT podcast out there! Thank you Matt and the Podnutz team!!!

A Must

Excellent show; useful for IT staff from all levels!

Love it.

Perfect for the budding small business IT support person.

Residental to Business

PodNutz Pro has given me the knowledge to go from working on Residental and some business to working on mostly business and some residental. Great advice for business owners in how t run/opperate your IT company. They know there stuff! WINNING!


Thank you so much for this podcast.

Great co-hosts with extensive knowledge

Steve C. does a great job of asking the questions that someone in my position (moving from residential to business IT support) would be asking. Episode on 12/11 was very educational concerning DNS. The most resent show about setting up Small Business Server was perfect timing as I'm about to set one up for a doctor client. Keep up the great job guys. Thanks

Simply The Best!

I've been listening to Steve since he appeared on the Leo Laporte Show (Asking suggestions on "How to develop a decent podcast show"). Boy... have you done well!!! I really appreciate all your shows but, Podnutz Pro, leaves me feeling like a kid on X-mas eve. This show is so relevant to my day 2 day tasks. Keep doing the great work & kudos to Matt, Lalo & the rest of the Podnutz family for contributing such phenomenal content.

Great Show!

Podnutz Pro my favorite 'tech' broadcast to date. I can relate to Matt as I believe our companies are very similar. There are a good variety of topics and anyone looking to venture into supporting businesses should definitely check it out. Terry Moon Founder Computer Pro Inc

Simply, Great.

From the hilarious customer services stories to the expert tech tips, this Podcast is simply great. Thank you for all the great advise.


Love it