July 22, 2021

Podnutz Pro #351: STS with Diana Giles

Guest: Diana Giles with Skyline IT Management (https://skylineitmgmt.com/) The Power of NO. Diana shares some of her wisdom from growing her business.

Guest: Diana Giles with Skyline IT Management (https://skylineitmgmt.com/)

The Power of NO. Diana shares some of her wisdom from growing her business from the break-fix origins of The Computer Monkey, LLC to her new subsidiary, Skyline IT Management. Learning to say “no” in the right way can liberate both you and your business. It sets boundaries and helps free up your time to focus on things that really enable you to grow your business and remain sane.

Diana also runs the website Sensible Cyber Parenting (https://sensiblecyberparenting.com/)

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Former Oklahoma County Commissioner “Borrows” Tractor: https://tinyurl.com/ncabwdpr

Jake Owens – I Was Jack  (You Were Diane) – https://youtu.be/oTOm8VkHGh4

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