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Chris Moroz started his IT career at AOL as a customer care consultant and training assistant then worked at Dell as an account manager and technical sales representative. His fascination with technology started long before that in his early teenage and young adult years, as did his interest in helping others.

His first company focused on helping older adults with technology in their homes, then he shifted his focus to small businesses and started YourIT in 2009. Since founding YourIT, he has helped hundreds of businesses be more strategic with their technology and more proactive in protecting their business from online threats. Chris is passionate about educating business owners about the technology risks they face and consulting with them to reduce that risk.

As a business owner, he values continual improvement and is a huge advocate of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). He regularly seeks opportunities to learn new things and enjoys connecting with other entrepreneurs to talk business strategy.

Chris is an active member of the Association of Computer Repair Business Owners and a member of the Northwest Oklahoma City Chamber. He received top five sales awards at both AOL and Dell, and YourIT has been named to the Best of Business awards through several publications in the OKC metro area.

When Chris is not busy saving the day for a small business owner, you can find him unplugging from all things tech. He enjoys hiking and camping in Oklahoma’s breathtaking scenic parks, discovering new foods in locally owned restaurants with his friends, and investing quality time with his wife, Kari, and two daughters, Gracie and Trinity.

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