Linus Chang is the Founder and CEO of BackupAssist, a backup software company that has helped thousands of organizations become cyber-resilient since 2002.

BackupAssist is a backup software that provides a variety of features for backing up Windows servers. Chang created the software as a challenge from a friend. Some of the features of BackupAssist software are:

  • Fully automated and lockdown friendly
  • Supports on-site and cloud backup.
  • Allows users to restore anything from a few files to whole servers—virtual or physical.
  • Supports backup to rotating/archive media.
  • Provides cyber-security features to combat ransomware and hacking.
  • Performs automatic, scheduled backups of Windows servers to a variety of backup devices.
  • Gives flexible choices over what kind of backup technologies to use, how much data is stored, when backups run, and how long backups are kept.
  • Provides full control of data privacy, sovereignty, and recovery experience.
  • Scans for any malware prior to building the backup file.

=== Chapters

00:00:00 Tech Unplugged 2023: Unplug, Connect, And Learn With Like-minded Tech Professionals.
00:02:52 Client's Data Breach And Organization's Nonchalance
00:07:39 The Challenge Of Cumbersome Backups: A Software Developer's Experience With The Nt Backup System
00:09:23 Difficulty With NT Backup On Windows 2000
00:13:31 Evolution Of Backup Assist: From Bring Your Own Storage To A Suite Of Products
00:18:44 MSP-friendly Usage Tracker With Exportable Reports
00:21:23 Luck And Circumstances Play A Crucial Role In Business Success.
00:23:56 Comparison Of Cloud Storage Providers And The Importance Of Software Flexibility For Cost-conscious Customers
00:27:16 Importance Of Anticipating Ransomware And Hacker Attacks For Backup Systems
00:29:06 Differentiating Crypto Safeguard From Others
00:31:58 Methods Used To Determine Differences Between File Versions
00:36:19 Introduction To Instant House Call As A Remote Support Solution.
00:42:00 The Importance Of Reviewing Backup Configurations To Avoid Data Loss
00:44:46 Cloud Backup And Granular Recovery With Encryption
00:47:13 The Importance Of Well-defined Disaster Recovery Scenarios
00:51:49 New Features Of Backup Assist Revealed: Improvements To Msp Console And Demand For Backing Up Workstations From Home
00:57:11 Software Flexibility For Custom Backup Needs
00:59:13 Florida Man Attacked By 10-foot Alligator Outside A Bar

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