Your Reputation Defines You.
Guest: Bobby Gillespie (Bobby G) with Propr.

Propr is a branding, design and marketing agency. Propr's key focus is to help position and grow B2B brands through clarity and enablement. Our conversation today focused on what your brand really means and what it takes to be authentic. 


Build Your Brand Like You Give a Shit:

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Bobby GillespieProfile Photo

Bobby Gillespie

Founder and Principal

Bobby Gillespie, author of the book, Build Your Brand Like You Give Sh*t, is known for his creativity and design chops, and since starting his brand-growth agency Propr in 2014, he has expanded his problemsolving prowess for brands far beyond design. With a focus on simplifying the complex, he speaks, writes, and advises growth-focused leaders to ditch the gimmicks and embrace their purpose to achieve sustainable, scalable, and fulfilling success.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, he lives in Baltimore with his wife, kids, and dogs.