Thank you to everyone for a fantastic year!
I am joined by Tom Bull, Paco Lebron, Rick Smith and Jason Miller to say goodbye to 2022.

Paco and Rick share breaking new about Techcon 2023 scheduled for September 8-10 in Woodbridge, New Jersey.

===== 2022 Podcast Awards Winners

Best Podcast Episode: 411 Estimate vs Job Quote vs Statement of Work (Featuring Bradley Gross)

Best Guest: Emily Glass, Syncro

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===== Florida Man Stories we did not get to

Florida Man bitten in arm by alligator while washing hands:

Woman throws computer at American Airlines employee after losing kids:

Florida Man sets police car on fire:

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Tom BullProfile Photo

Tom Bull


IT veteran with 40 years in the industry from manufacturing to sales/service and most recently owner of Two River Computer in NJ, a hybrid break-fix and MSP company.

Jason MillerProfile Photo

Jason Miller


Owner of Unbound Digital in TN. Unbound Digital was started in 2000 and we are an MSP that services Business Only Customers.