June 23, 2022

407 I bought a Mac

Last week in business, I needed to purchase my very first Mac, a MacBook Air. A client needed to add 40+ existing iPads into Apple's Business Manager for proper HIPAA supervision. It was fun.

If you ever have connection issues with a device, use Domotz to check for any packet loss and see the historical ping range. It helped me pinpoint a cable issue that we that was a firewall issue. Whew!

Get a Domotz box from Amazon

I installed Uplevel's Secure Remote Gateway at my house over the weekend. It was much easier than I thought it would be and should be a pretty good option in you have client's with remote workers that need a good  connection from their home. My next goal is to reconnect the Uplevel Gateway at my office and test the VPN connection. Stay tuned.

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Largest python ever found in Florida!

"Florida Man" fighting off a gator with a frying pan - FAKE!

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