Want to quickly know what devices are on a client's network?
Here are some tips and tricks from a recent discovery audit.
Hint: Use NetAlly and Domotz

This episode expands on what I mentioned last episode where I helped a fellow MSP with a network discovery audit. I used both the NetAlly EtherScope nXG and a Domotz box to scan the network.  We do a deep dive into my audit and what I provided my client afterwards. 

For prospects, you can assure them that you won't need a password to "see" their network.

With the EtherScope you can do all this in just a few minutes:   

  • Scan up to 1024 IP Addresses
  • Determine Device Types
  • See both wired and wireless networks
  • Use SNMP to look inside routers and managed switches
  • Looks are what devices are connected to what switch
  • Identify ports with errors
  • Find bad subnet masks

=== Links for items mentioned in this show

Techcon Unplugged: Use discount code ITBP75OFF and save $75 off the ticket price.

Netally EtherScope nXG: The tool that I used to run the network discovery audit for my friend.

Domotz: I also used a Domotz box to scan the network for endpoints.

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