Yes, you read that right. And I have a story about the ISP tech that told my client to get rid of their SonicWall.

How do you bill a client when they ask you to be available all day, but then you only are onsite with them for a few hours?

I explain how I used the Netally Etherscope nXG to help another MSP with a network discovery audit.

Please give me your advice for running a virtual server and file server on the same Synology NAS. I also want to mix solid state and NAS drives for each storage pool. Please let me know what you've done. Let me know by using the Message App on the website or using the Contact Us page on the IT Business Podcast website.

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Netally EtherScope nXG: The tool that I used to run the network discovery audit for my friend.

Domotz: I also used a Domotz box to scan the network for endpoints.

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