April 21, 2022

398: Know Where You're Going

Guest: Sean Lardo
Sean helps me see where my business mindset is. The Modes Theory Assessment helps business owners get to their destination, but understand the journey along the way.

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PitchIT: Join the PitchIT Accelerator Program  to share your innovation that solves a need in cyber security, finance, or another practice area. 

Modes Theory Assessment: The Mode Mindset combines how you define success, manage your service delivery offerings, lead your teams, build systems and develop partnerships.

Techutainment: a word I made up to describe the podcast experience. 

Synology: Yes, I am using them. There will be a Synology Podcast Series coming in May. Stay tuned.

Techcon Unplugged: Join me for the 2022 Annual Conference this September in Chicago hosted by techs for techs.

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